Meet the Double Take Team

Jerilyn got her start working as a Sales Representative with Connie Garrett at Great Reps in 2005.  She learned her craft and quickly got her twin sister, Jacki, involved in the industry too.   The sisters worked independently of each other for years, but in 2019 Connie retired and Jeri took over.  This was the impetus which brought Jacki and Jeri's careers and customers together under the umbrella of Double Take Design Group.  

In addition to the extensive sales representative  skills, both Jacki and Jerilyn have experience on the other side of the aisle as well.  As both commercial and residential interior designers earlier in their careers, they've successfully handled entire design processes from beginning to end.  

Jerilyn Deraad

Sales Representative

Founder of Double Take, Jerilyn is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the repping industry.  She has experience working with small businesses, as well as some large accounts.  Jeri lives in Belle Plaine, Iowa, and can often be seen driving around town with her favorite dog riding shotgun.   


Sales Representative 

Jacki is from Belle Plaine and currently lives in Atkins, Iowa with her busy family.  She is a successful sales representative, designer, and mom of two teenage boys.   Always on the go, Jacki knows how to get things done!

Pamela Brown

Office Manager

What would we do without Pamela?  From sending out catalogs to paying the bills, she's the one that handles all the day-to-day office tasks that keep Double Take going.  When  she's not at work, Pam likes to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes.  We love it when she brings lunch to the office!

 Jeff Brown

Customer Service/Marketing

Because he might be working at the computer one day, or fixing a leaky faucet the next, Jeff has self-appointed himself, "Most Versatile Employee in the Office."   He  lives nearby with his wife, two cats, and dog.  An award-winning humor writer, he blogs at


Quality Assurance Lead

Archie is our newest team member, imported from the stuffed-toy testing industry.  His former boss says, "He really knows how to turn one inside out." 
A chronic overachiever, Archie is also Double Take's Head of Mess Development.


Head of Security

Shadow says, "Nobody gets in or out of the office without a thorough body search for treats or possible hidden bits of beef jerky."